Yellow Creative Spaces and Tools

Here's the third part of a series of inspiring photos of creative tools and spaces by members of Club Marmalade Moon who are participating in the free Creative Jumpstart Course. 


Emily's creative notebook and pen remind me of warm, energetic, sunny, easy summer's days! And it reminds me of birthdays! Wrapping paper, whispers and early mornings. You'll find more of Emily's creative expressions on her blog Mousy Brown's House where she records "things I have made, things I have seen and the things that help me to enjoy my life".


Here is Nina's creative space. This space looks so inviting in the cosy light of the lamp. A place for action! "I looked all over the place for one of those lovely stashed-away notebooks, but maybe I mislaid it in our last move (in February - haven't finished unpacking yet!) or gave it to my daughter who also loves beautful things. Am eager to see where this exercise will take me!" It's so easy to put things off just because we don't feel we have the perfect tools or spaces or long, uninterrupted passages of time. Using what we HAVE got, is often part of getting going.


This is designer and illustrator Jennifer Lynn Bishop's creative tools. A yellow notebook with a swirly and organic pattern that contrasts with the straight, diagonal and checked lines. A very clever composition! Jennifer loves music and is currently working on her online coloring book. You will find her work on her portfolio/design blog Rainy Day Doodle or on her Flickr page.