Soulful Creative Spaces and Tools

Here are some photos by members of Club Marmalade Moon who are gathering their creative tools for the free Creative Jumpstart Course! I find these spaces and tools all so inspiring! 


This is John's creative tools and space. "The book is from the Tate Gallery in London and I love these pockets that are spaced throughout as a way of adding to my thoughts, sketches etc." At once peaceful and energetic, poetic and practical! Discover more of John's photography and design on his web space.


Here's Tracy's morning moment & essentials. Tea, light, and rainbow pens. This Dream journal is a moleskine journal that Tracy's embellished. Such a soulful and tranquil creative space!  You'll find her art and jewelry on her blog Prana Light, along with Tracy's writings about "creative living where art & spirit meet".


Lisa is using this gorgeous natural paper and leaf notebook as her creative tool. She says "to be honest it has been sitting in a drawer waiting for my inspiration for about 5 years!". How bold and what a great gift Lisa gave to herself!

Have You Been Saving Your Best Notebook in a Drawer?

Oh how I can relate to that! Keeping my best stationery, notebooks and journals in a drawer, waiting for that perfect time! Does that ever happen to you?